Aims of the PRISM network

Founded in April 2020, the PRISM network pursues two main aims:
  1. To bring the widely dispersed PRISM community across the UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) together.
  2. To engage in particular with funders (e.g.UKRI) and employers (mainly universities) to drive a cultural shift for research teams in HEIs, which includes better recognition and progression pathways for PRISM roles.
These aims originate from the challenges the PRISM community experiences across the various home institutions of the network's members, concerning 1.) recruitment and job security; 2.) career progression and professional development; and 3.) recognition and belonging. Details are outlined on the 'Challenges' page.
The PRISM initiative is inspired by our Research Software Engineer colleagues, who founded their Society (SocRSE) in March 2019 "on the belief that a world which relies on software must recognise the people who develop it." - 7 years after the seed for their cause to unite the RSEs and lobby for their recognition was planted and successfully pursued.

The PRISM network also follows the spirit of the Hidden REF initiative, a competition that recognises all research outputs and every role that makes research possible.

"Research has changed. We rely on many people and many different skills to conduct research. Recognition of research excellence has not kept pace with changes in research roles." (Hidden REF 2020)
Last edited: 19 Oct 2021