The PRISM Committee

The committee was established in November 2020. It will steer the activities of the PRISM community to enable connection and experience exchange among its members, and to work with UKRI and HEIs for better recognition of and progression pathways for PRISM roles across the sector.

The committee members have a 12 months term time and act on behalf of the PRISM network as well as their home institutions where appropriate.
Dr Susie Douglas

University of Bath
Co-Director of the CDT in SAMBa and University CDT Lead
Dr Jacqueline Edge

Imperial College London
Multiscale Modelling (of Li-ion Batteries) Project Leader
Dr Isabella von Holstein
(PRISM Network Lead)

Imperial College London
Translation and Research Manager (IMSE)
Dr Anja Roeding
(PRISM Network Founder)

University of Exeter
Head of Operations & Relations (Metamaterials Centre & UK Network)
Dr Rachel Sparks

University of Newcastle
Strategic Project Manager

Ms Donna Swann

University College London
Chief of Staff, Head of Operations and Strategic Development 

Local champions

Our PRISM champions play a leading role locally within their home institutions by setting up and coordinating local PRISM networks. Their role includes facilitating local discussion groups and institutional advocacy work.

If you would like to become a local PRISM champion, please contact Dr Anja Roeding:
Fleur Hughes

University of York

Network Manager
Chloe Turner

University of Bath
Programme Manager
Last edited: 15 Dec 2022