Industry engagement

Wed 26 January 2022; 2-3:30pm

Is it part of your job to manage relationships with industry, from identifying new potential partners to turning existing relationships into continued funding, and complying with contractual obligations?
Join this event for PRISM network members to share your experiences, know-how, and questions in this particular space of stakeholder engagement and its various stages.
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Boost your professional identity

Wed 16 February 2022; 2-3:30 pm

Join Fran Long, Education and Training Lead at the Faraday Institution, for an exploration of ways to communicate your credibility, increase your presence in the academic research community and harness social media tools such as LinkedIn.
Fran is a member of the PRISM Advisory Board and is offering her time and expertise on a voluntary basis. Thank you, Fran!
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Academic engagement 

Wed 16 March 2022; 2-3:30 pm

How does academic engagement work within and beyond your immediate research team?
What makes it a team rather than a group of individuals? How are responsibilities shared? What is your role here? How do you manage internal and external academic engagement and diplomacy within your research ecosystem's landscape? Share your experiences, challenges and successes with the community.

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