PRISM statistics

~ 90 % of PRISMs are women;
~ 70 % of PRISMs have a postgraduate degree, incl 50 % at PhD level;
~ 60 % of PRISMs have more than 11 years of work experience.
~ 50 % of PRISMs have a STEMM background (40 % of which have a degree in biosciences or chemistry).
~ 40 % of PRISMs have a HASS background

More than 75 % of the highly educated and experienced PRISM community members are employed on fixed term contracts (or 'open-ended', but with fixed-term funding associated with their roles).

Data as of 08 Feb 2021; 90 survey responses.

Documents of PRISM network activities and other UK initiatives related to our aims


Other networks and initiatives with relevance to aspects of the PRISM role and/or the PRISM network aims

Last edited: 08 February 2021