The External Advisory Board

The Advisory Board (AB) members act as advocates for PRISM roles at every appropriate opportunity available to them, as the network members themselves will not usually have access to the relevant groups, panels, people who could drive the cultural change needed to bring about better work conditions for the people who sit at the very heart of big research initiatives to ensure the efficient running and delivery of the research objectives in tandem with their academic counterparts.

The AB will meet twice a year with the PRISM committee to review progress on the Network aims and to advise on potential next steps.

Term time: 2 years, with an option to extend for another term if both parties agree.

Advisory Board members

Mr Peter Eley

University of Bath
Deputy Director of Human Resources
Prof David Knowles

Henry Royce Institute
Chief Executive Officer
Ms Francesca Long

The Faraday Institution
Head of Training and Talent Development
Prof Candy Rowe

Newcastle University
Dean of Research Culture and Strategy
Prof Rebecca Riley

University of Birmingham 
Associate Professor Enterprise, Engagement, and Impact, Business School
Prof Philip Taylor

University of Bristol
Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Enterprise
Dr Helen Turner

Midlands Innovation
Last edited: 15 April 2024